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PG-061 Phenolic case safety pressure gauge

Model: PG-061L

Measuring Range: -0.1...0 to 0...60 Mpa or other equivalent units

Accuracy Class: ±1.5%

Thread: M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 etc.

Diameter: 150mm (127mm in front)

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Increased safety requirements for operator protection with solid baffle wall designed.

With liquid-fillable case for applications with high dynamic pressure loads or vibrations.

For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that are not highly viscous or crystallizing, also in aggressive ambience.

Measure the pressure of medium in technological process which has higher requirements of corrosion-proof and anti-vibration.

Process industry: widely used in oil industry, chemical/petrol-chemical industry, chemical fiber industry, metallurgical industry, power station, mining, on- and offshore, environmental technology, machine building and general plant construction and so on.


Safety version with safety explosion-proof layer and safety pressure relief back cover.

Solid front, phenolic case, liquid fillable.



PG-061L: Phenolic safety pressure gauge, lower mount

Nominal size in mm (NS in mm)

150mm (127mm in front)

Accuracy class

NS150: 1.5%


Scale ranges

From -14.5...0 to 0...8700 psi; 

(from -1...0 to 0...600 bar or other equivalent units).

or all other equivalent vacuum or combined pressure and vacuum ranges

Pressure Unit

Mpa psi bar kg/cm2 Kpa etc.


Aluminum, white, black lettering,

Single scale;

(Double scale; Special scale for option)


Aluminum, black.



Phenolic case with safety explosion-proof layer and safety pressure relief back cover


Stainless steel 304



Protection degree


Thread size

M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 etc.

Bourdon tube

Stainless steel 316

C-type or helical type

(Copper alloy for optional)

Process connection

Stainless steel 304

Lower mount (radial)

Pressure limitation

NS 100, 150: Steady: 0.75 x full scale value

Fluctuating: 0.9 x full scale value

Short time: 1.3 x full scale value

Permissible temperature

Ambient: -20 ... +60 °C

Medium: +100 °C maximum

Temperature influence

When temperature of the measuring system deviates from reference temperature (+20℃) max error ±0.4℃ /10K of full scale value.

Filling liquid (for model 233.34)

Dry or Glycerin


Accuracy 1.0% for optional

Assembly on diaphragm seals, see product review diaphragm seals

Stainless steel case

Safety double layer glass

Dry but fillable, Silicone or fluorocarbon oil filling for option.

316 or 316L process connection.

Thread customized

Customer’s logo dial for OEM or ODM


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