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Indutry solution-Pressure Measurement Calibration Program

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Calibration: Under specified conditions, a set of operations to determine the relationship between the indication value of a measuring instrument or measurement system, or the value represented by a physical gauge or standard substance, and the corresponding known value being measured. During this process, the pressure source provides a stable and consistent working pressure for the standard and the meter being checked. The standard instrument is a pressure measuring instrument that is traceable and has an accuracy level higher than that of the meter under test. It is used to determine the error of the value indicated by the meter under test.

No.1: Piston Pressure Calibration


Piston pressure gauge is a standard pressure measuring instrument with high accuracy, high reproducibility and high reliability based on Pascal's law and hydrostatic equilibrium principle. It is a pressure standard with its own pressure source, and the calibration and verification process can be completed by directly installing the instrument under test.

It has the advantages of high accuracy, reproducibility and high reliability, is suitable as a standard equipment for laboratory.


No.2: Digital Pressure Gauge+ Pressure Source


Pressure source provides stable and consistent working pressure for the standard and checked instrument. Pressure making range is from -0.1MPa to 500MPa. As to structure, it has desktop pressure source and portable pressure source, as to the working medium, it has air pressure source, water pressure source and oil pressure source.The digital pressure gauge is used as a standard, Its range is from -0.1~250MPa, and accuracy is 0.5, 0.2, 0.1, 0.05. The solution has the advantages of flexible working medium, easy to carry out, and on-site calibration