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Indutry solution-Wireless Pressure Monitor System

2020-06-16780 have been browsing

The wireless pressure monitoring system is composed of HD-100N IoT digital pressure gauge, cloud data platform and terminal equipment. HD-100N IoT digital pressure gauge is responsible for collecting pressure data, and adopts the latest 4G LTE, NB-iot and other IoT technologies to upload the data to the cloud data platform. Realized pressure data real-time monitoring, data recording, over-limit alarm etc. functions. Users can monitor pressure data in real time through terminal devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The system is widely used in fields such as fire pipe network pressure monitoring, water service pipe network pressure monitoring, petrochemical pipeline pressure monitoring and so on.

System advantages:

● Low operating costs:

Adopt NB-iot network, free of wiring and network construction. Communication costs are low.

●Wide network coverage:

Network coverage nationwide, unlimited expansion, unlimited access locations

●Strong network signal:

Compared with LTE, NB-iot has a gain of 20dBm, which is suitable for application scenarios such as underground garages and deep wells.

●Mobile push:

The platform can push monitoring alarm information to users in real time through WeChat and other methods.