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HT-21 portable hydraulic source

Model: HT-21

Measuring Range: (0~40) Mpa, (0~60) Mpa

Adjustment fineness: 0.1kPa

Thread: M20*1.5, 2pcs or as customers’ requirements.

Dimension: 350mm*215m*162mm

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HT-21 portable hydraulic source is used for pressure verification in laboratory or industrial field. Adopting transparent oil cup design, it has the characteristics of simple operation, stable lifting and lowering pressure, small adjustment fineness, convenient maintenance and not easy to leak. Because of the spiral boost in design, the structure is simple and not easy to be polluted, so it is more durable. The material is made of aviation aluminum, and the surface is anodized. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Technical index

Pressure range: (0~40) MPa (0~60) MPa

Adjustment fineness: 0.1kPa

Pressure transmission medium: transformer oil or deionized water (please specify when ordering)

Pressure interface: M20*1.5 (2)

Volume: 350mm*215m*162mm

Weight: 3.9 kg

Product warranty terms:

       You can enjoy free warranty service for the whole machine within one year from the date of sale. For cases where the free warranty service is not met, our company provides paid technical service and repair service for the life of the product.

The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty:

Damage caused by human factors, or used in abnormal working environment, and failure or damage caused by operation not in accordance with the instructions.

Unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification of products, etc.

Damage caused by other force majeure (such as natural disasters).

Not belonging to our company's products (such as counterfeit products).

(0~40) MPa, (0~60) MPa.