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  • Indutry solution-Wireless Pressure Monitor System

    The wireless pressure monitoring system is composed of HD-100N IoT digital pressure gauge, cloud data platform and terminal equipment. HD-100N IoT digital pressure gauge is responsible for collecting p…...
  • Indutry solution-Pressure Measurement Calibration Program

    Calibration: Under specified conditions, a set of operations to determine the relationship between the indication value of a measuring instrument or measurement system, or the value represented by a ph…...
  • OEM&ODM Service

    OEM&ODM ServiceIn order to meet demand of the market and customers, we can provide a full solution of OEM&ODM for traders and customers.OEM: We can make dial plate of pressure gauge, digital pr…...
  • Sample order

    Do you need a sample of pressure gauge, digital pressure gauge, thermometer etc. or sample test report to send to you by mail?We can provide sample order or trial orders services with a very fast deli…...