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  • What is the advantages of our digital pressure gauges?

    For digital pressure gauges, HD-100G is our standard type and most hot selling types.It is high quality than most of the similar products in China market.For examples, Advantages as:1)All its IC are im…...
  • Chinese National Day Holiday

    Ankang Mano Instrument is a factory of pressure gauges, thermometers with high quality products. We wish our motherland China a happy birthday and prosperity.Wish our customers a happy National Day.Our…...
  • Electric contact pressure gauge simple introduction

    Electric contact pressure gauge is a pressure control instrument widely used in various industries, it is composed of measuring system, indicating system, casing, electric contact device, adjusting dev…...
  • Pressure gauge thread introduction

    What thread do our pressure gauge usually use? What is the function of thread? Thread refers to a spiral-shaped continuous convex part with a specific cross-section made on the surface of a cylindric…...
  • What pressure gauge should we choose in the severe environment?

    The measured medium is very corrosive (such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid), viscosity (such as latex), easy to crystallize (such as salt water), easy to solidify (such as hot asphalt), when there…...