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  • Pressure gauge thread introduction

    What thread do our pressure gauge usually use? What is the function of thread? Thread refers to a spiral-shaped continuous convex part with a specific cross-section made on the surface of a cylindric…...
  • What pressure gauge should we choose in the severe environment?

    The measured medium is very corrosive (such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid), viscosity (such as latex), easy to crystallize (such as salt water), easy to solidify (such as hot asphalt), when there…...
  • Why does shock resistance pressure gauge need fill oil?

    We call shock resistance pressure gauge oil filled pressure gauge, why does shock resistance pressure gauge need fill with oil? The movement and pointer inside the shockproof pressure gauge are immers…...
  • The working principle of bimetal thermometer

    The bimetal thermometer can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in various production processes, like machinery, chemical textile, medicine, foodstuffs, vessel for measurin…...
  • Price of digital pressure gauge

    The price of precision digital pressure gauge is always concerned by many customers. The precision digital pressure gauge is very different from the mechanical precision pressure gauge in raw materials…...