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HD-100R Digital Pressure Controller performance and parameters

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HD-100R Digital Pressure Controller is also called digital electrical contact pressure gauge or digital pressure switch. It can freely set parameters such as control contacts, The purposes of pressure detection, data display, signal output, automatic alarm and control can be easily achieved.


It can be used in automated systems for measuring gas and liquid pressure in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, hydrology and electricity. It can also be used to seal leak detection equipment, It is the first choice for precision measurement control.



The contact adopts power type relay, safe and reliable;v

Both upper and lower limit contacts include normally open or normally closed contacts;

Strict EMC design, contact action does not interfere with other electronic equipment;

Load protection function, user-adjustable for contact action time interval;

Upper and lower thresholds, button adjustment, simple and convenient;

Strict aging process, long-term stable and reliable;

Large LCD screen, large fonts are more intuitive;

Contact capacity: 250VAC 5A 30VDC 5A


Performance parameters:

LCD Display : Full-view LCD screen with no blind spots; 5 digits display with high resolution;

Accuracy level: ±0.5%; ±0.2%; ±0.1%; ±0.05%; ±0.02%

Measuring Range: -100Kpa~100MPa; (Between this range, 11 pressure unit transfer easily.)

Pressure unit: MPabarpsikgf/cm2mmH2OmmHginH2OinHgkPaPahPambar.

Diameter: headφ100mm × 50mm, length 160mm;

Environment temperature: -2070)℃;

Relative humidity: 95%RH;

Power Supply: Default: Powered by the 12V power adapter. Optional: 5V12V24V external power supply;