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How to read the digital pressure gauge?

2020-08-21464 have been browsing

How to read the digital pressure gauge?

Digital pressure gauges are more intuitive than bourdon tube pressure gauges, and the pressure value is displayed directly on the screen. Digital pressure gauges do not need manual evaluation of data when reading, which solves the visual deviation caused by naked eye evaluation.

Although digital pressure gauge readings are very convenient and flexible, you still need to pay attention to the following points:

1.    Because our digital pressure gauges have pressure unit switching function, users must pay attention to the pressure unit, whether it is the right pressure unit you need when reading.

2.    Pay attention to the position of the decimal point when reading.

3.    For digital pressure gauges with peak hold function, you must pay attention to confirm whether the current pressure value or peak pressure value is read, When Ankang Mano Instrument’s digital pressure gauge displays the peak value, the screen has a peak mark display for the user to distinguish.

4.    For digital pressure gauges that can set the sampling period, pay attention to whether the current sampling period meets the measurement requirements when reading.

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