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MA-40 Digital Medical Pressure Gauge


Measuring Range:(0-40) atm, (0-30) atm, (0-20) atm.

Accuracy Class:±3.0%, ±2.5%, ±1.6%,

Dial diameter: 40mm

Resolution: 0.1atm, 1psi, 0.01MPa.

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Product Description:
This medical-grade liquid crystal display battery-type digital pressure gauge is specially developed and designed for the customer base of disposable medical balloon pressure pumps. 
The unique dynamic digital display is convenient for doctors to read more clearly and intuitively when operating the pressure pump by hand. 
It also comes with an energy-saving circuit design, which can meet the normal and effective use of the three-year validity period of the medical balloon pressure pump.


a)Designed for high-end medical balloon pressure pumps
c)Suitable for replacing pointer pressure gauges with accurate display and easy to read.


a) Dial diameter: 40mm

b) Display area size: 25mm*12.6mm

c) Digital character size: 5.17mm*11mm


Technical data:

a) Pressure range: (0-40) atm, (0-30) atm, (0-20) atm.

b) Pressure medium: non-corrosive gas or liquid

c) Maximum error: ±3.0%, ±2.5%, ±1.6%,

d) Pressure unit: atm, psi, MPa.

e) Resolution: 0.1atm, 1psi, 0.01MPa.

f) Sampling frequency: 3 times/second



a) Low power consumption design, long battery life.

b) Intelligent backlight, automatically turns on when the pressure changes, and turns off automatically when there is no change in 10 seconds.

c) 3 digits display

d) The 3 pressure unit can be switched


Power indicators:

a) Battery specification: CR2032 225mAh

b) USB powered

c) Shutdown current: 1uA

d) Working state current (backlight off): 150uA

e) Working state current (backlight on): 850uA


Working environment:

a) Working temperature: (-20 ~ 70) ℃;

b) Storage temperature: (-30 ~ 80) ℃;

c) Relative humidity: <95%RH;

d) Atmospheric pressure: (86 ~ 106) kPa

Product warranty terms:

You can enjoy free warranty service for the whole machine within one year from the date of sale. For cases where the free warranty service is not met, our company provides paid technical service and repair service for the life of the product.

The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty:

Damage caused by human factors, or used in abnormal working environment, and failure or damage caused by operation not in accordance with the instructions.

Unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification of products, etc.

Damage caused by other force majeure (such as natural disasters).

Not belonging to our company's products (such as counterfeit products).

a) Pressure range: (0-40) atm, (0-30) atm, (0-20) atm.

b) Pressure medium: non-corrosive gas or liquid

c) Maximum error: ±3.0%, ±2.5%, ±1.6%,

d) Pressure unit: atm, psi, MPa

e) Resolution: 0.1atm, 1psi, 0.01MPa