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HD-80G Precision Digital Pressure Gauge

Model: HD-80G

Measuring Range: -100kPa…0~10kPa…100MPa optional

Accuracy level: 0.5%FS, 0.2%FS

Thread size: M20*1.5, G1/2, NPT1/2,G1/4, NPT1/4 optional

Pressure type:Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed pressure

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Product Introduction

HD-80G intelligent digital pressure gauge is suitable for pressure laboratories, equipment supporting, industrial process control, pressure monitoring and other fields. The product has a built-in high-precision pressure sensor, with good precision and long-term stability.


HD-80G digital pressure gauge is equipped with a large-size LCD display. It has multiple functions such as clearing, backlight, power on and off, unit switching, etc. Simple operation and easy installation.


Application Description

Scientific research experiments, pressure laboratories;

Instrument matching;

Portable pressure measuring equipment;

Pressure monitoring instruments and calibration instruments;

Machinery & Electronics;

Construction machinery automation, industrial process control;

Replacement of pointer precision pressure gauge;


Main Character

4-digit LCD screen displays pressure in real time, making it easy for customers to observe on site;

Unit switching, clearing, backlight, on/off etc. functions;

9 pressure unit switching: MPa, bar, psi, kgf/cm2, mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O, inHg, kPa, mbar;

Low power consumption design, battery powered, can last up to 12 months;

Built-in high-precision pressure sensor, optional accuracy: ±0.5%, ±0.2%;


Using Environment

Environment temperature:-2070;

Storage temperature:-3080;

Relative humidity:95%RH;

Atmospheric pressure:86106kPa;


Technical parameters

 Measuring range

 -100kPa…010kPa…100MPa optional

 Pressure type

 Gauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealed pressure

 Accuracy level

 0.5%FS, 0.2%FS

 Backlight color

 White backlight

 Temperature compensation


 Electrical protection

 Anti-electromagnetic interference design

 Sampling frequency

 5 times/second

 Overload pressure

 120% (≥10Mpa); 150% (<10Mpa)

 Measuring medium

 Gas or liquid compatible with 304 stainless steel

 (water, oil, gas are all acceptable)

 Thread size

 M20*1.5, G1/2, NPT1/2,G1/4, NPT1/4 optional


 304 stainless steel housing, 316L sensor diaphragm

 Power supply

 2 PCS AAA batteries



Product warranty terms: 

You can enjoy free warranty service for the whole machine within one year from the date of sale. For cases where the free warranty service is not met, our company provides paid technical service and repair service for the life of the product.


The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty: 

Damage caused by human factors, or used in abnormal working environment, and failure or damage caused by operation not in accordance with the instructions.

Unauthorized disassembly, repair, modification of products, etc.

Damage caused by other force majeure (such as natural disasters).

Not belonging to our company's products (such as counterfeit products).