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TG-011LB Bimetal thermometer Universal mounting

Model: TG-011LB

Measuring Range: -60…+600°C

Accuracy Class: ±2.5% ±1.5%

Thread: M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 etc.

Diameter: 100mm 150mm

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Process instrumentation in machinery, chemical textile, medicine, foodstuffs, vessel for measuring and controlling the temperature.

Widely used in the petrochemical and chemical industries, power generation, water and wastewater industries, oil and gas industries.

Temperature measurement and testing for aggressive environments.


Universal mounting, adjustable stem, every angle.

Robust construction, good hermetically.

Reset, zero adjustment for NS 100.

It has high measurement accuracy and long-term stability.

All stainless-steel process construction.


Nominal size in mm (NS in mm)

80mm 100mm 150mm


TG-011LB: Bimetal thermometer, Universal mounting

Accuracy class

NS 80: 2.5%

NS 100, 150: 1.5%


Scale ranges

From -60...0 to 0...600℃ or other equivalent units and combined range.

Temperature Unit

℃, ℉ etc.


Aluminum, white, black lettering,

Single scale.


Aluminum, black.


Stainless steel 304

(316 or 316L for optional)


Stainless steel 304

(316 or 316L for optional)

Stem Material

Stainless steel

Stem diameter(mm)

6mm 8mm 10mm

Stem length

64mm 100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm 350mm etc.

Thread size

M20*1.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 etc.
(We can accept all kinds of thread from customers)

Measurement element

Bimetal coil

Zero adjustment

NS 100: With adjustment

Mounting type

Universal mounting, adjustable stem, every angle.

Fixed thread.


Mounting type: Universal mounting with moveable thread, up and down.

Accuracy class: NS 100 150: 1.0%, NS 80: 1.5% for some ranges.

Scale range: Double scale; Special scale with other colors.

Higher material like 316 316L for option.

Customize stem diameter and stem length.

With matched thermowell.

Bottom mounting or back mounting, see products model: TG-011L and TG-011B.

Customer’s logo dial for OEM or ODM.


Model /Nominal size / Scale range / Stem diameter/stem length/Thread size/ Options