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Simply knowledge about RS485

2019-06-27866 have been browsing

Digital pressure gauge from Ankang Mano Instrument is with RS485 communication interface, which just a cable can connected to your computer. Today let’s learn some simply knowledge about RS485.

Smart instruments are developed with the maturity of single-chip technology in the early 1980s, and the world instrument market is basically monopolized by smart instruments. This is due to the need for enterprise informatization, and one of the necessary conditions for enterprises to choose instruments are to have networking Communication Interface.

Initially, it was a simple process of data analog signal output. Later, the instrument interface was an RS232 interface. This interface could realize point-to-point communication, but this method could not realize the networking function. The RS485 that appeared later solved this problem.

RS485 is also known as TIA-485-A, ANSI/TIA/EIA-485 or TIA/EIA-485.

RS485 is a standard that defines the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers in a balanced digital multipoint system. This standard is defined by the Telecommunications Industry Association and the Electronics Industry Alliance. Digital communication networks using this standard can effectively transmit signals under long-distance conditions and in environments with high electronic noise. RS485 makes it possible to connect with local networks and configure multi-drop communication links.

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